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Welcome to the Ajax High School Library page.  This is your go-to page for all of your research and reading needs.  Love your library; it loves you!



Research Tutorials

WritingLab Link Research Tutorials Link


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CultureGrams Database Link

CultureGrams will give you access to information on all the world's countries and Canada's provinces and territories. 

The National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board of Canada logo and website link.  This collection includes documentaries, animations, experimental films, fiction and interactive works. 

DDSB Learning Commons
Text and stacked books   Access additional research and reading resources.

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 Ajax Public Library
Town of Ajax Library Logo The Ajax Public Library may just have what you need.  
MyBib logo and link to website.  MyBib is a Board-approved online citation maker.  

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 Britannica Digital Learning
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 ABDO Digital
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 ABC Clio
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 Rosen Digital
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 Salem Press
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Teacher Resources


 Criterion On-Demand
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 NFB Campus
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Additional Resources 


   White Pine   



Class Resources

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