Our School

Ajax High School serves students in grades 9-12 in Ajax, Ontario.

Ajax High School is situated in the heart of the town of Ajax, south of Hwy. 401, and just east of the intersections of Harwood Avenue and Bayly Street.  The school has a tradition of excellence that dates back to its beginnings in 1956. 

The current student population of 1,174 students reflects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of the community.  Approximately 100 teachers and support staff are committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment where high educational standards flourish. The school offers a broad-range of programs for university, college, and work bound destinations. A wide variety of programs are offered including French Immersion.  Our Cooperative Education program boasts a large number of work experience programs for our senior students.  An extensive Technology Education Department offers a range of courses from transportation/manufacturing/construction to technological design/animation/communications.  In addition, there are two special education Senior Associated Classes, a Developmental class, a Practical Learning Program classroom, and School-to-Work transition classroom.  In 2000, extensive renovations and construction to the school facility resulted in a thirteen-room addition including new science labs and a library expansion. 

Our enthusiastic student leadership programs provide students with a host of activities ranging from the grade nine transition and orientation activities to spirit activities and dances.  Ajax H.S. students are very community minded and continue to support initiatives such as the Terry Fox Run, and the nearly 30-year-old traditional support of the local Holiday Toy and Food Drive.

Student co-curricular activities include a full range of sports, drama productions, art shows, fashion shows, café forums, and music nights as well as activities such as our very successful Improv and School Reach teams.  Individuals and teams have excelled at the Regional, Provincial and National levels. Ajax High School enjoys the support of parents and the community through an active School Community Council, Parent Engagement Committee, and partnerships with the Durham Regional Police.

For parents

Use the parent portal to get more information about your child's education.

Transportation, pick-up and drop-off

Help us support a culture of respect and harmony by reinforcing school bus and transportation safety. 

For safety reasons, all drop-off and pick-ups are to take place at the back of the school in the appropriate lanes, as drop off/pick ups at the front of the school impedes the flow of school busses and emergency vehicles and creates serious traffic congestion along Bayly Street.  Only busses and office staff are permitted entry to the lane at the front of the school between the hours of 8:30am - 9:05am and 2:30pm - 3:05pm. At no time, are cars permitted to stop in the public transit bus lane at the front of the school. This is a traffic offense and you are at risk of being ticketed. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Questions and concerns

If you need help or have any questions or concerns, begin by contacting your child's teacher. If you wish to meet with another staff member, contact the school office to book a meeting. Please remember to sign in at the school office when you arrive.